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Celebrate your village!

Anyone who lives in, or visits, Milford on Sea will know what a fabulous place it is to be. So, what better than to spend a week celebrating what makes the village so special.


For a village of less than 5000 people, we are fortunate to have such a wonderful array of shops. So, core to our week is the 'Shopping Challenge', where we are asking everyone to shop in the village for the week - No visits to large chain stores or supermarkets, no cheating, just spending time showing the shops you love them.


Many of our village shops will be running promotions to entice you throughout the week, plus Brand New Forest Card offers, and a FREE £50 Prize Draw, - giving three great reasons to stay out of your car to enjoy shopping around the village!


Love Milford Week also has shows and events providing opportunities to meet and discover; local artisan producers, craft makers, home businesses, tradesmen, professions, artists, authors, gardeners, environmentalists, clubs, classes and charities.


You can enjoy a week of Dining Out, with the restaurants and cafés putting on something special for you to eat each day, so time to leave your kitchen and enjoy the pleasures of eating in the village!


There is also a Kids Day for our young people to have a good time, and village musicians busking on the village green. We even have exciting cars from the village in an Exotic Car Show. To ensure the week is a true celebration, we have a weekend of comedy and music shows to let your hair down!


To find out more about the events, please click the bar below the event image.

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